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80 × 60 (IR) 320 × 240 (MSX) E4 INFRARED CAMERA

Flir® E4 Focus Free Limited Range Compact Infrared Camera with MSX®, 80 × 60 (IR), 320 × 240 (MSX), 6.6 FT

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Infrared Camera with MSX®, Focus Free, Limited Range, Compact, Resolution: 80 × 60 (IR), 320 × 240 (MSX), Focus Spot Size and Distance: 6.6 FT, Accuracy: +/-5% or 5 DEG C, Battery Type: Li-ion, Temperature Range: 0 To 40 DEG C, Includes: 14-Bit Measurement Data Included, Battery Life: 4 HR, Weight: 1.27 LB, Frame: 9 HZ, Detection Type: Uncooled Microbolometer, Thermal Sensitivity: <0.15 DEG C, Field of View: 45 DEG × 34 DEG, Aambient Temperature: 50 To 95 DEG F, Color Palettes: Iron, Rainbow, and Gray, Storage Capacity: 500 Sets of Image (Internal Memory), File Formats: Standard JPEG, Image Modes: IR Image, Visual Image, MSX, Thumbnail Gallery

The FLIR E4 comes with a hard transport case, battery, power supply/charger, USB cable, an operator's manual on CD, printed documentation, and FLIR Tools software. This E4 model will produce the same high quality image available on standard release cameras under normal operating conditions but the operating temperature range is not the same as the Standard Release E-Series specification detailed in the user manual.

  • MSX® thermal image enhancement adds key details from the onboard visible light camera to the entire infrared image in real time. The result: an all-in-one thermal picture with numbers, labels and other structural features intact so you'll instantly recognize where the heat issue is
  • A focus-free lens and simple button navigation to on-screen settings, imaging modes, measurement tools and saved JPEGS make all four of these cameras amazingly easy to operate, even with just the press of a single gloved thumb
  • Quick-release, tool-type Li-ion battery is easy to remove, recharge and snap back in. Charge in-camera or with the optional charging station to keep you up and running all day
  • The E4 features an on-screen center spotmeter for measuring temperatures and an area box tool with an automatic hot or cold spot that hunts down temperature extremes. Plus a blue-below and red-above color alarm to quickly alert you to heat issues
  • FLIR Ex-Series cameras let you view thermal, visual and MSX images and store them simultaneously for further analysis using FLIR Tools software
  • FLIR tools reporting and analysis software included
  • Variable emissivity and reflected temperature parameters for detection accuracy
  • Available in the USA only
  • Multi spectral dynamic imaging - IR image with enhanced detail presentation
  • Set-up commands local adaptation of units, language, date and time formats
  • Simultaneous storage of images in IR, visual and MSX
Series : E-Series
Storage Capacity : 500 Sets of Image (Internal Memory)
Aambient Temperature : 50 To 95 DEG F
Item : Infrared Camera with MSX®
Image Modes : IR Image, Visual Image, MSX, Thumbnail Gallery
Color Palettes : Iron, Rainbow, and Gray
File Formats : Standard JPEG
Field of View : 45 DEG × 34 DEG
Thermal Sensitivity : <0.15 DEG C
Type : Focus Free, Limited Range, Compact
Resolution : 80 × 60 (IR), 320 × 240 (MSX)
Focus Spot Size and Distance : 6.6 FT
Emissivity : Variable from 0.1 to 1.0
Accuracy : +/-5% or 5 DEG C
Battery Type : Li-ion
Temperature Range : 0 To 40 DEG C
Includes : 14-Bit Measurement Data Included
Frame : 9 HZ
Weight : 1.27 LB
Detection Type : Uncooled Microbolometer
Display Resolution : 320 × 240
Battery Life : 4 HR

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